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Прямая речь

Прямая речь деятелей и игроков Dota 2.


«Успех Ad Finem – отличная история, но нашей идее уже три года». Зачем футбольным клубам киберспорт

Элиас Апостолопулос, один из руководителей кибреспортивного отдела Панатинаикоса, ответил на несколько вопросов о развитии киберспорта в клубе, и в Греции в целом.

«The AD FINEM boys are something more than friends. They are family». Exclusive interview with a founder and co-owner of «The Greek Gods»

It has been few days since the conclusion of the main Dota 2 tournament of this half of the season. Although there could be arguing about the MVP of the tournament, what game was the most spectacular and what team disappointed us most, but one thing is clear - Ad Finem is the team that surprised us the most! I’ve managed to talk to Marios Papasarantos, a Dj from Nafplio, a huge eSport fan and a founder and co-owner of Ad Finem. -First of all congratulations with your huge success -Thanks a lot, finally hard work pays off -As far as I know you are the co-owner of AF, is that correct? -Yes...
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