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Кристофер Хивью выздоровел после коронавируса. Он должен сыграть во втором сезоне «Ведьмака»

Актер Кристофер Хивью вылечился от коронавируса.

В своем инстаграме Хивью выложил фотографию с женой и сообщил, что пара выздоровела.

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Hi! We are fully recovered and in good health after I was infected by the Cororonavirus, and most likely my wife @grymolvaerhivju After several weeks inn quarantine, and also a couple more indoors after beeing free of all symptoms, we are finally safe and sound. We were lucky to only have mild symptoms of the Covid 19. We send our love and thoughts to all of the people where the virus has hit much harder, and to everyone who has lost their loved ones due to the Cornonavirus. Thank you for all of your support, and please remember to stay vigilant and keep your distance, wash your hands, and most of all ; take care of each other in this strange time. Lots of love from us❤️🙌🏻 #takecare @panoramaagency

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Кристофер Хивью, наиболее известный по роли Тормунда в «Игре престолов» должен сыграть Нивеллена во втором сезоне «Ведьмака», съемки которого временно отложили.

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