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Winline D2CL S14. 15:00. Не начался
Ez Katka
Winline D2CL S14. 18:00. Не начался
One Move
Elisa Invitational Fall 2022. 12:00. Не начался
Elisa Invitational Fall 2022. 15:00. Не начался
Skade X
Dynamo Eclot

An update is coming! Good news, our fellow Dota 2 fans!

The TI5 Live app will be updated after the International 2015 and will cover all major DOTA 2 leagues, teams and games. We’ll send you a push notification as soon as update is ready.

If you have ideas to share with our product or editorial teams, please contact us via cyber@sports.ru.

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Özgür Kalender
Awesome app. Keep on going! I expect huge updates, tournaments, live games, news, storys, replays, statics, interviews and etc. I hope you will be great with this. Good job.
Gil Sand
Keep up the good work
Arep Gaara
Good ! I hooe this apps more update about dota 2 tournament . Not only Ti .
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